Killer Dojo

Killer Dojo

Killer Dojo

The footage was taken on December 13, 1984 at a karate dojo owned by Sgt. Bobby Joe Blythe.

The man, unidentified to this day, was nickednamed 'Kung Fu Guy'. He claimed Jesus taught him karate, and wanted simply to demonstrate this to the leader of the dojo, Bobby Joe Blythe in the video.

The man makes it very clear he doesn't intend to touch or hurt the man. However, after getting BJB's blessing, he is kicked straight out of the block. After a while of 'sparring', with some blows landing home on both sides, BJB decides he's had enough. He pushes Kung Fu guy roughly into a pole, so hard that he collapses, and then stamps on his head - repeatedly, until there's blood. His body was then thrown in the dumpster out back to which Blythe stated himself.

How did this video come to light? Well, BJB posted it on his own YouTube channel and it was up for some time.

He took it down, however, when he shut down his business and moved away from the area.

Pointing out some of the statements made by either Bobby Joe or someone in attendance indicates that someone at the dojo clearly knew enough about the man to be somehow involved with the police. Discusses how it was mentioned that Kung Fu Guy had been kicked out of a Pizza Hut and the cops had been called on him the same day for reaching into ladies purses. I have to wonder if this is a small town how many of their police force trained at this particular dojo?

To this day, Bobby Joe Blythe has not been arrested in connection to this video, despite it being him for certain, and despite his new address being known. He trained police officers and has military connections, so it may be some sort of 'cover up'. Why hasn't BJB been arrested? Who was 'Kung Fu Guy'? You get a pretty good shot of him for a 1980's video.