Myth Of The Atomic Bomb

Myth Of The Atomic Bomb

Myth Of The Atomic Bomb

Robert James Maddox a professor of History Emeritus at Pennsylvania State University says the contention that the government of Japan was prepared to surrender during the summer of 1945, with the sole proviso that its sacred emperor be retained.

President Harry S. Truman and those around him knew this through intercepted Japanese diplomatic messages.

The real purpose of using the bomb story was not to defeat an already-defeated Japan, but to give the United States a club to use against the Soviet Union.

But was the Atomic bombs however just propaganda lies. There is no evidence that they worked in war 1945 or in peace later. The atomic bombs were invented by an American Robert O Lyssenko - a cousin of Trofim - but assisted by A. Einstein.

An historian on World War 2 Anders Björkman, M.Sc. says no atomic bombs ever exploded over Hiroshima and Nagasaki August 1945. The towns were destroyed by US napalm carpet bombings earlier. Like Yokohama.

News about 100 000+ of Japanese being vaporized in two nanoseconds FLASHES and disappearing in thin air and other 100.000+ of Japanese slowly being painfully killed by nuclear radiation during several months afterwards autumn 1945 at various Japanese hospitals were just Fake News.

Björkman says there are no legal and medical evidences for any nuclear victims anywhere. No records in Japan can confirm that 100 000+ of Japanese disappeared 6-9 August 1945 due to atomic bomb attacks or that another 100 000+ died the following months due to radioactive radiation.

USA is in 2018 and the greatest military force on Earth with shiny uniforms, medals, graveyards, salutes, 100 000's of KIAs, MIAs, etc. And yet it has lost most wars since 1945 because it doesn't use atomic bombs on North Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, etc.

Björkman has an answer for this, his conclusion is that no atomic bombs have ever exploded on planet Earth. Nuclear weapons are just a hoax to keep the world afraid. And big business profitable, of course.