Questions About Boobs Men Secretly Want To Ask

Questions About Boobs Men Secretly Want To Ask

Big Boobs

Do they hurt while running down the stairs?

You won’t believe but it depends on a whole lot of factors. Generally, it doesn’t. But if women are menstruating, or the bra didn’t fit properly, then there might be a problem. But this is not the case with women with bigger boobs, running down the stairs is really a boob-ache for them.

How would you describe good boobs day?

It’s like the good hair day but so much better. It’s when cleavage sits right, and the boobs are properly shaped under the t-shirt.

Do you ever feel like a burden on your chest?

Not blaming men for thinking so. Maybe it looks like that but its normal like your other body parts, obviously prettier, but women don’t feel a thing.

Does taking off the bra feels as satisfying as they say?

Particularly taking off padded, underwired bras are a relief. Because by the end of the day they feel very uncomfortable and itchy. It’s like setting the boobs free.

Does it interfere in the way of doing stuff?

It’s a really stupid question. It’s like asking men if the penis comes in the way of walking. Boobs are just like your ears or nose or any other body part of women.

How sensitive are they?

Men, imagine getting smacked in the balls. That’s how sensitive it is if you smack them.

Do nipples also grow consecutively with boobs?

Yes, they do but to a certain age, until it’s developed. After that, only the breasts grow and the nipple darkens.

Can bras be suffocating?

Girls would never want to wear a wrong a wrong wrong bra. As they know the consequences very well. It feels constrained or caged to an extent where it could also be painful. If worn for a long time bras can be suffocating.

Do women play with their boobs?

Sexy Boobs

Well, do men like playing with their dick? It’s the same with boobs; it’s like stimulating the se3ual instincts.