The Nazi Time Machine

The Nazi Time Machine

The Nazi Time Machine

What was the Secret Nazi Bell project? First we have too understand what this “bell” was all about.

Leaked information and de-classified documents have given us the direction in this understanding.

It was when in Igor Witkowski’s book called “The Truth About The Wonder Weapon”, this weapon was first introduced to us. He claims that he has been shown classified Polish Government documents by an anonymous Polish intelligence official. In these documents were the most important Nazi research projects, and among them was Die Glocke.

The Bell, known as ‘Die Glocke’ in German, is said to have been developed by a top team of scientists and engineers headed by SS General Hans Kammler. A wingless aircraft shaped like a massive church bell, with a motor so powerful it supposedly caused inter-dimensional rips in the fabric of time and space.

Kammler also ran the Nazi’s secretive V-2 rocket programme, the world’s first working long-range ballistic missile which was used to terrorize London in the late stages of the war.

According to Jakob Sporrenberg, who has been linked to the alleged German secret project by Igor Witowski, it was a large, bell shaped metal chamber, 9 feet across and 15 feet high, filled with a violet coloured mercury-like substance that Nazi scientists code-named Xerum 525. The scientists working on “Die Glocke” all suffered from very bad vertigo, sleep deprivation, dizziness along with several scientists and plants in the lab succumbing to death, supposedly due to high levels of radiation emitted when the bell was activated.

Wormholes exist naturally and theoretical physicist John Weeler said it’s possible wormholes to appear spontaneously anywhere and to suddenly disappear, and he has a hypothesis called “quantum foam hypothesis” backing it up.

But close to the Czech border, in the near distance to the Wenceslaus mine, the German research facility for classified governmental research the allegedly Die Glocke experiment was taking place was destroyed and bombed by Allied forces toward the last months of the war.

Did the Nazi’s create a wormhole with the super powerful Nazi bell and plummet somewhere in time?

Where is the device now?

So many questions rise from such an intriguing experiment, making it the most mysterious object known to man, and if it does still exist, in which hands is it?