The Video Game That Can Control Your Mind

The Video Game That Can Control Your Mind

The Video Game That Can Control Your Mind

In 1981 an arcade cabinet called Polybius briefly took residence in Portland, Oregon. But Polybius was no ordinary video game. The video game was a tool of the United States government to test one's mental and physical agility as a method of recruiting soldiers. Based in Portland, Oregon, with the gameplay producing intense psychoactive and addictive effects on the player.

It was said those who played it was instantly hooked before they started to act strangely. Gamers were reported to feel stressed out, nauseous, with many complaining about having nightmares that stopped them from going back to sleep they were so horrific.

Reports of teens having seizures or making attempted suicide attempts were rife. Some said they felt as though they could not control their thoughts, their thoughts were not their own.

These few publicly staged arcade machines were visited periodically by men in black for the purpose of data-mining the machines and analyzing these effects.

Back in the early 80s, arcades weren't the safe haven that people think they were. Drugs were a big part of what went on. Gambling was a big thing as well. There were FBI that came up to the Portland area and placed hidden cameras and actually tracked people through their high score initials that they left.

Polubius was the exepction, This was not by ordinary servicemen in overall, or the FBI but men in black suits. They came into the arcade almost on a weekly basis, opening up the games machine, but only the Polybius machine, none other. Strangely enough, the men in black did not do anything with the device other than record the data it had collected. They did not even take any of the coins the machine had been fed.

The company named in most accounts of the game is Sinneslöschen. meaning sense delete or sensory deprivation.

The strange Polybius games machine suddenly vanished from the arcade one day. There was no warning and the games machine was still working, continually being used until taken away. Left in its place was just space.